Filter Coffee Recipe | How To Make South Indian Filter Coffee

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Filter Coffee Recipe is known as a South Indian Filter Coffee Recipe. this South Indian Coffee is usually served in the morning time with or without breakfast, however, it can be served in the evening time also.

A completely different variation of popular coffee drinks is made by using special brewed coffee powder. this Indian Filter Coffee Recipe is known for its strong flavor of coffee with a touch of sweetness in it.

I have also shared here the recipe of Filter Coffee Recipe Without Filter, so if you don’t have a coffee filter no worry you can make this popular recipe without that also.

Coffee Decoction Recipe | Filter Coffee Decoction Recipe | How To Use Filter Coffee Maker | Making Filter Coffee At Home with the step-by-step method.

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About Filter Coffee Recipe

Morning time in India is only for the beverages time, these morning drinks play a vital role in the life of most of us. some people prefer to drink Tea and some people prefer to drink coffee in the morning.

There is no variant in the Tea recipe, tea has a simple recipe of making it usually, all over the world people make teas in that way only. but in the Recipe Of Coffee, there are uncounted variations available.

One such famous variant is Filter Kaapi Recipe or you can say that Degree Coffee Recipe. this Madras Filter Coffee Recipe is known as many names in different-different countries. you must need a Coffee Filter Machine for making this recipe in a traditional way, you can get that from any utensil shop or you can purchase it online also.

The method of making this Homemade Filter Coffee is nearly similar to the French Press Coffee Decoction, but the technique and methods are different for making this Best Filter Coffee Recipe.

You can make this Tamil Filter Coffee Recipe traditional way with minimum ingredients available at your home, which are Coffee Powder, Water, Milk, and Sugar.

This recipe also covers the following topics, which are How To Make Black Coffee | How To Make Coffee | Best Coffee In India | How To Make Filter Coffee Without Filter | How To Prepare Coffee | Filtered Coffee | How To Make Filter Coffee Without Machine.

Tips For Making Filter Coffee Recipe

  • Use full-fat cream for this Quick & Easy Coffee Recipe and make sure to heat milk well before pouring it into the coffee as you don’t want to turn it into cold coffee.
  • Make sure to use a trusted coffee brand and don’t use old coffee powder.
  • You can add sugar as per your preference, if you like sweeter coffee then add more sugar.
  • Add jaggery instead of sugar if you are health conscious.
  • Don’t use instant coffee powder for making this Brew Filter Coffee, as the instant coffee powder doesn’t give you the taste that ground coffee gives.
  • For making Vegan Filter Coffee you can use almond milk.


Ingredients For Making This Recipe

3 teaspoons of ground coffee

1 cup water

3/4 cup of whole milk

2 teaspoons of sugar for every glass

Method Of Making This Recipe

Filtering Coffee

  1. Take the coffee filter machine and clean it well. now fit the upper compartment (vessel) to the lower one. 
  2. Add your ground coffee to the upper compartment and spread it all over evenly with the help of your fingertips.
  3. Now fix the umbrella attachment on the coffee and top with   
  4. Now cover the filter with its lid and let the coffee percolate. it usually, takes 2-3 hours to percolate perfectly.
  5. If you are in hurry then you can use it in 30 minutes also but the texture of the coffee will not be thick.

Making Filter Coffee

  1. Now take a tumbler or if it is not available at your house then you can use a normal cup also.
  2. Now pour 2 tablespoons of decoction into a tumbler. fill it with hot boiling milk and along with that add sugar as per your requirement.
  3. Mix the coffee by pulling it between Davara and Tumbler 2-3 times or you can simply mix it with a spoon.
  4. Serve it hot.

Recipe Of Coffee Filter Without Filter

Yes, you can make filter coffee without a filter also. what you have to do is In a mixing bowl, add the coffee powder. Pour in some boiling water and cover with a lid right away.

Give it a good mix after about 30 seconds and cover it again. This keeps the powder from floating on top of the water.

Let the coffee turn be a decoction. meanwhile, boil milk well. 

Now in a tumbler or in a mug add Coffee Decoction, then pour hot boiled milk, and along with that add sugar. mix them well.

Enjoy hot South Indian Style Filter Coffee At Home.

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