Dry Fruits Name | List of Dry Fruits, Nuts, and Seeds in Hindi & English

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Dry Fruits Name – Who does not know about dry fruits, about their properties, about their benefits? everyone is well aware of these dry fruits they don’t need any introduction.

Dry fruits are known as a good source of nutrition and have incredible therapeutic properties. Dry fruits, nuts, and seeds are famous among individuals as delicacies, even children generally keep away themselves from eating fresh fruits but love to eat dry fruits.

Including different types of dry fruits in your diet makes the food tasty as well as healthy. Moreover, the best benefit of having dry fruits is that they are free of refined sugar, bad cholesterol, or sodium. adding dry fruits to yogurt, smoothies, and other lightweight breakfast makes breakfast choices brilliantly simple.

Due to the small size of dry fruits, they are easy to carry with you anywhere and you can eat anywhere them whenever you feel hungry. Plus, they are light in digestion so you don’t feel heavy after eating and help quell the hunger.

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Mostly in India whenever someone makes any dessert at their home the main and special ingredient in that dish is Dry Fruits. Gajar ka Halwa, Suji Ka Halwa, Rice Kheer, or any such dishes the main ingredient will always be the dry fruit.

We have compiled a list of dry fruits that add nutrients to your daily diet and provide you with many health benefits.

I have made a list of dry fruits, nuts, and seeds for your daily meals which will not only give you health benefits but will also give you immense taste.

English Hindi
Beetle Nutsपान सुपारी
Cantaloupe Seedsखरबूजा बीज
Dry Datesसूखा खजूर
Dry Coconutsसूखा नारियल
Dry Figsसूखा अंजीर
Flax Seedsअलसी का बीज
Hazelnutअखरोट का फल
Lotus Seedsमखाना
Peanutsमूंगफली / सिंगदाना
Pine Nutsचिलगोज़े
Pumpkin Seedsकद्दू के बीज
Watermelon Seedsतरबूज के बीज
List of Dry Fruits, Nuts & Seeds

About Dry Fruits

Basically, dry fruits are made from fresh fruits by removing their water through various techniques. There are multiple techniques of drying in the market, some of the dry fruits are dried using the natural sun drying technic, while some by using dehydrators.

Because of the complete evacuation of water from the fruits, the nutrients and sugar get consolidated and concentrated in them. because of this process, they turn to the rich source of various nutrients, natural sugar, and calories.

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Storing Suggestion

Make sure to store any of the dry fruit in an air-tight container only as the moisture and Exposure of air can absorb the dampness and nuts can lose their crispiness. so it is highly advisable to store them in an air-tight container only.

Benefits of Dry Fruits

1) Almonds (बादाम): Helps to treat heart diseases, helps in managing the blood sugar level, Keeps skin and hair healthy, and helps with weight management.

Almonds are known for their high nutrient of vitamin E, essential oils, and antioxidants. It tends to be consumed raw, roasted, or can also be eaten soaked.

2) Pistachios (पिस्ता): good for the heart, helps to manage diabetes and helps in the production of hemoglobin and blood circulation

The individuals who have a habit of continually eating, Pistachio can assist you with feeling more full for longer by stifling your craving

3) Cashews (काजू): helps with the weight loss, beneficiary in reducing bad cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart-related issues.

Cashews are notable in India for their delectable flavor and rich creamy texture, Whenever Indians want a creamy texture in their dishes, they use cashew paste. Cashew is a full package of vitamin E, vitamin B6, protein, and magnesium.

4) Apricots (खुबानी): Good for eye sights, keeps skin healthy and bones strong, and beneficial in weight loss.

Apricots are full of nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin E, magnesium, and copper, which help to feel full by providing these nutrients. It also helps in fighting against internal infections as it contains high antioxidants.

5) Dates (खजूर): beneficial in the weight reduction, helps to increase hemoglobin levels, helpful in boosting energy and Enhances gut health.

Dates are tropical fruits that come up with 2 two types of varieties wet and dry. Most people love to eat dry dates as they are high in digestive fibers and can assist you with remaining full for quite a while by stifling your cravings.

6) Hazelnuts (अखरोट का फल): It Lowers cholesterol, helps in improving insulin sensitivity, beneficial for heart health, helps in protects against cell damage.

We get hazelnuts from the Corylus tree. They are high in protein, fats, minerals, and vitamins. you can eat it whether raw, roasted, or by grounding it into a paste.

7) Walnuts (अखरोट): Prevents cancer, helps in reducing stress and is very beneficial for skin and hair.

Having walnuts can give you various advantages as it contains omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and proteins. Walnuts are typically a hard stone-like fruit that comes with single-seeded.

8) Raisins (किशमिश): helps in treating health issues like constipation and acidity, treats anemia and also helpful in weight loss.

Kismis is made by drying grapes naturally in the sun. it gives you the taste of sweet and sour at the same time. A handful of raisins in your daily routine will help you with your digestive system, help aid in acidity and constipation treatment.

Glossary of Fruits
List of Fruits Name in most common and most spoken languages ​​of India, i.e. English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Konkani, and other languages ​​with a perfectly handy and easy to understand Glossary Table.
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